New auctions

1. Al-Qahtani Auctions / Riyadh, our valued customers. We announce our next auction to the General Corporation for Desalination of Saline Water at the site of the General Organization for Water Desalination in Riyadh in front of the residential complex by specialization as the sale starts at 8:00 am on 22 June 2019, 22 Shawwal 1440H Inquiry We are happy to receive your call at 0550729049 2. Al Qahtani Auctions / Jeddah, our valued customers We announce our next auction on June 30, 2019, corresponding to 26 Shawwal 1440H in Jeddah for the sale of the customs of Jeddah Islamic Port for the sale of various goods and cars. For further inquiry we are pleased to receive your phone number 0550729049
Musharaka Co. has been appointed as Financial Consultant for the group

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