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1- Qahtani auction announced the winning of Saudi cudtoms contract, 2- Qahatani auction announcing next auction on April 8, 2019 at Dammam site., We are pleased to invite you to attend our next auction of equipment, headers, trucks and a wide range of modern and diverse cars at our headquarters in Dammam on Dhahran Road Jubail opposite Prince Naif Sports City. The auction will start on Monday, 4 Rajab 1440 Hijri corresponding to 11 March 2019 and will continue for five consecutive days. For further inquiries, please contact us at 0550729049 or visit our website
Musharaka Co. has been appointed as Financial Consultant for the group

Auction instructions

Auction instructions

Auction instructions

Sale conditions for governmental sector and companies

– All vehicles s and equipment that are to be sold in the auction must be registered under the name of the company or on the behalf of the owner. The agreement is signed between the auction organizer and the owners of vehicles and equipment.

– A representative from the company must be present during the agreed period of the auction.

– Agreement between the company and the organizer of the auction and company owner of equipment on all the details related to the transfer of ownership or financial commitments fully.

– When the vehicle enters the auction square the owner delivered to the Officer-in-charge and inform the employee for any shortage in equipment or note on the equipment or the vehicle and the signing of the reviews receipt.

– In respect of vehicles ,licenses should be valid( Inspection and Registration) when introduced to auction in order to preserve the rights of the seller and the buyer after the sale.

– If there are any observations for the seller regarding the procedures for the sale and transfer of property , he must inform the company so that it alerts the buyer.

– We advise the owner to attend himself or send someone else to represent him so that they get the prices they want.

– During the auction , the seller has the right to object the sale.

– The seller does not have the right to raise the price during the auction. If he does so, the sale will be cancelled.

– If the sale is made, a check for the price of the car will be handed to the seller.

– If the sale is made , the check is delivered to the seller within ten days maximum after the auction is over.

– The company advises its agents whether vendors or buyers to stick to regulations for the good of all the parties.


– The commission of the company which organizes the auction is 2.5% . The buyer pays this percentage besides 100 for car selling only.
– If the sale is not made ,we do not receive any fees .
– Sold cars and equipment are received immediately or within three days after the auction is over maximum.
-If you do not move your equipment from the auction yard ,you will be charged for parking on daily for extra days. The company will determine the charges.
– Do not participate in the auction if you do not intend to buy.
– 3o % of the value of the procurement must be paid immediately after the auction whether in cash or by check.
– Do not participate in the auction if you do not have the required amount of money .
– If you pay the first instalment you should complete the rest of the sum in three days after the auction is over .
– If you do not pay the cost of your purchase in three days after the auction is over , the company which organizes the auction will hand over the deposit to the seller (with calculating the auction commission ) as compensation for the caused damage . And the buyer does not have the right to ask for the deposit.

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