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SQC Auction/ Dammam, announcing the movment to the new company location at Dammam- Jubail Road unofficially until the entire move happened from old location during the next 3 months, SQC old location site is still in operation, next auction will be at new location on Oct. 29,2018
Musharaka Co. has been appointed as Financial Consultant for the group

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New Auction

SQC Auction Company, Jeddah, announcing the coming Auction at SQC site for UMA & Al Jazzerah Companies On Thursday, May 24 , for 3 days

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0550729049 or

Chairman’s Word

In the name of the Merciful and Great God
Dear brothers:at the beginning Iwould like to thank God for his gifts which we can’t conunt of our religion and our life according to the guideline and criteria which organized the right line for us.right is clear and the fallacious is clear,God gives His mercy to the man who deserves
l liked to start by mentioning God’s gifts because in Qahtani-company we make every effort to follow our Islamic rules in whtaAllaah has permitted us in buying and selling controls which give all of us the chance to work and stive to earn.with out any neutrality if we look to whta God gave us and how to be honest in our life wiht out oroblems we can be successful people so I built my company to be the good example, and Iurge My sons focomployees always to follow.
we have experti see ligible to work in the market ,auctions,and God willing we will stay at the expectations of our customers?I assure you again that we are com mitted to be successful in our business you are all our in the success of al-Qahtani company for auctions,and promise to continue this march of successivesuc-cesses,and you will find that we develped the concepts of this kind of business – in ashort period – starting from the organization,which we interest till the smallest detail by selling and buying.
And God will bless our business

Saud Hezam Al-Qahtaniin

Why us

Customer Satisfaction is our Image which is our ultimate Target

SQC & their clients are success partner where our profit is directly proportional

No fees on Return Items ( None sold items) Free BB

No storage Tax

SQC assessment Division gives special recommendation on SALE plan & time with clear milestone

SQC covers entire location at Kingdom

Quick actions for all divisions by scheduled system and for all urgent actions

Free after SALE services

SQC protect their clients in all matters

SQC group consultation division supports all SQC companies

SQC advertising division covers all media for all society levels

Confidentiality, accuracy, commitment & honesty are our values

Our Organisation speaks about customer services

SQC is not the best, Our customer can tell !


Auction success competition based on many Factors, the essential Factor is Customer value & figures that come from the perfect advertisement campaign which leads to the maximum profits margins.

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