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Chairman’s speech

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
My dear brothers: First of all, I thank God Almighty for what He has bestowed upon us in terms of countless bounties and blessings in our world and our religion. The path of goodness is clear to whoever wants it, and that is the path of hatred. God is Forgiving, Merciful to those who are guided and repent to Him. I liked to start my speech by mentioning the blessings of God, because we at Al-Qahtani Company strive with all our efforts to follow the rules of our Islamic religion in what God has permitted us to buy and sell with well-known rules and regulations that allow us all to work and strive to earn a living and profit according to the legal systems and without any impartiality. If we look at what God has permitted For us and we followed it so that each of us could reach what he wanted without any problem or chaos in life, and this is what I strive to achieve in my group of companies, and this is what I always urge my children from the company’s employees to follow. The system means halal selling, it means halal livelihood, and when we organize our work, we will find that we are administratively building a company with a good reputation We build a structure for a company that grows and grows until it becomes in the ranks of international companies. All the elements of success are available to us. We, thanks to God, possess good and sincere intentions, and we possess qualified expertise to work in the auction market, each according to his experience and functional skills. What prevents us from being at the best of our customers’ expectations of us, and here we assure you again That we are committed to our successful business and that all of you are our clients … Our partners in the success of Al-Qahtani Auctions Company, and we promise you that this march of successive successes will continue to change Al-Qahtani’s concepts of auctions by Civilized and more beneficial ways for everyone, buyer and seller. We promise you that you will find us within a short period, God willing. We have developed the concepts of this type of business, starting from the organization that I always emphasized and ending with the most accurate details of the sale process and the halal bidding between buyers.
God grants success

Saud bin Hizam Al-Qahtani
On 3-15-2012